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Since 2013, the Whimsical Collection team has grown steadily. Our products are primarily handmade in our warehouse by a dedicated team of craftsmen and women from the local community, and each product features one of Dezireë’s Whimsical designs – elevating everyday objects to collectible art status. Wildlife and conservation remain key focus areas for the team, and we donate to various charities supporting our indigenous animals and conservation efforts in South Africa. Adding to our collections and our product offering regularly means you will always find something new to be excited about in the Whimsical Collection! The perfect gift with collectible-quality awaits!


Meet the Artist

Dezireë Smith

Dezireë was born in 1983 in Vereening in Gauteng, South Africa. She pursued art from an early age and exhibited a precocious talent, which was fostered both at school and at home. Deziree’s passion for capturing the spirits of Africa on canvas first took flight when she was a child. Having won a national art competition, she was awarded the opportunity to undertake an extensive tour of the Eastern Cape to attend and participate in various art workshops, where she truly fell in love with her country, its animals, and its people. 

After moving to Fish Hoek, in Cape Town, Deziree began working on what would become her premier Whimsical Collection – one of African wildlife flying over the savannah with hot air balloons. And so, a brand was born. 


Our Story & Mission

We are a proudly South African company that celebrates African Wildlife by creating products featuring African animals painted by Dezirëe Smith.

We are based in the beautiful city of Cape Town and we empower local communities through job creation. As a company, we remain faithful to our wild animals as they battle to survive.

All of our products a handcrafted and exclusive to us. Our products are manufactured in our studio and packed by hand.

Our paper products are produced from a registered sustainable forest. We aim to keep our footprint green and hope to inspire our buyers to do likewise.

We promote the plight of endangered African animals by donating to ‘Care for Wild’, dedicated to rearing the baby rhinos that lost their mothers to poaching.


Care for Wild is a globally recognised conservation organisation dedicated to preserving endangered species and safeguarding the precious biodiversity of our planet. As the largest orphaned rhino sanctuary in the world, they specialise in the rescue, rehabilitation, rewilding, and protection of orphaned and injured rhinos. However, their mission extends far beyond rhinos alone. They are deeply committed to the preservation of endangered species that play vital roles in their ecosystems and the conservation of biodiversity.

We promote the plight of endangered African animals by donating to ‘Care for Wild’, dedicated to rearing the baby rhinos that lost their mothers to poaching.

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